Cooking For Your Baby


As a chef, culinary instructor and nutritionist my life was building up to the moment I would get to introduce real foods to my son.  But, as the time drew near, I realized there wasn’t much information out there to guide the way for me. Well actually, there is so much arm-chair advice to read through and conflicting opinions. My head was spinning from internet forums, old wives tales and approaches to feeding based on very thin evidence. I set to work scouring research literature, talking to other parents and testing recipes on my own budding gastronome. With everything I learned and some practical experience under my belt, I was able to put together an excellent class about cooking for babies. We covered introducing new foods, safety, allergies, nutrition and helping your little one develop an adventurous palette. We also cooked and tasted some extraordinary, healthy and delicious foods fit for everyone from baby on up to parents. The first run of this class was a success, and I can’t wait to hold more in the near future!

For details about my next round of classes, check here, and sign up for e-mail updates.

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