Heavy Rain, Strong Winds & Pork…

Last night while mother nature was gently reminding New York City who’s in charge, I was tinkering around in the kitchen of a beautiful Brooklyn Heights apartment overlooking the East River and the Brooklyn Bridge – cloaked in storminess.  While I sang the praises of a vegetable forward cooking in the previous post, I won’t be turning a cold shoulder to a good old fashioned meat extravaganza.  While they marveled at the wind and rain outside, eight diners devoured a mountain of pork I had the pleasure of preparing for them.  There’s no satisfaction quite like waking up to a pork shoulder that has been roasting overnight to see that it’s done….just perfectly done…


Grapefruit, cucumber & creme fraiche awaiting chilled yellow beet soup; butter lettuce, rhubarb, bacon & green goddess; frying up the seed coated ribs; belly & dandelion green buns; shoulder waiting to be torn apart; buckwheat chocolate cake!

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